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The World Transformation Movement Antwerp Centre is here to support and promote biologist Jeremy Griffith’s life-changing and world-transforming explanation of the human condition, to ensure its now desperately needed psychologically liberating effects reach every human — see The Centre was established by Raf Van Den Plas and forms part of an ever-expanding network of WTM Centres that now span the world.

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Raf Van Den Plas has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Karel de Grote University and was a Project Engineer in electric power production and distribution before leaving the industry to develop small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the IT consultancy and service industry. He works with a company that specialises in event management software.

World Transformation Movement Antwerp - left speech marksI’m honoured to be sharing biologist Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough explanation of the human condition with the world. It’s my responsibility and I’m happy to have this task, because I’m convinced that by spreading this information the world will change fundamentally!World Transformation Movement Antwerp - left speech marks
Raf Van Den Plas

  • “I have no doubt this biological explanation of the human condition provides the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.”

    Professor Harry Prosen,
    Former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association

MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!


Freedom Essays

This series was developed to help people access the fabulous new transformed world that opens up for all humans now that understanding of the human condition has been found. As these essays cover all the main subjects in FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, they provide an easy way to read FREEDOM in wonderfully illustrated bite-sized portions. The first 4 essays are particularly important and helpful, and are the key to understanding and solving everything!

The full Freedom Essay Series is available in English on the main WTM website at

The Dutch translations of some essays are available on the Dutch language version (NL) of this page.


About Jeremy Griffith
& the World Transformation Movement

World Transformation Movement Antwerp - left speech marksBiologist Jeremy Griffith’s book is called FREEDOM but a better name could be The Truth. This is the truth for all mankind, about everything! I’m convinced FREEDOM will conquer the world. It will be the reference the whole world will be using in the future. And we don’t have that much time. The need for this information to be shared is urgent.World Transformation Movement Antwerp - left speech marks
Raf Van Den Plas

WTM Global Network

Alongside the original WTM Centre in Sydney, Australia, World Transformation Movement Centres are being established around the world to help bring to everyone the now desperately needed all-relieving and all-explaining biological understanding of the underlying issue in all of human life of our troubled human condition.

Visit the WTM’s Transformation page to learn more about the formation of these Centres. You can access the following examples of WTM Centre websites by clicking on their images below.

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News from WTM Antwerp

March 22

Living from love or from fear

Last week I had the opportunity to address young people of 11 years old. The theme was 'resilience'. It became a fascinating presentation as it is around this age that they are confronted with the world and what is wrong in it. It is also around this age that the tendency to follow the group, instead of standing up for your opinion yourself, emerges. And faced with the imperfections in world and themselves the process of resignation begins as Jeremy Griffith explains in Freedom Essay 30.

So, we talked to them to explain that our original intention as human beings is to be loving, as we are all born with moral loving instincts. You help someone in need spontaneously. It is only by thinking that you come to other thoughts. So, when we learn to trust our feelings, our heart, our instincts, and from there use our mind to strengthen that initial impulse, we are on the right path. But these feelings begin to condemn us as the battle between our moral loving instincts and our intellect breaks out (see Freedom Essay 3). Essentially the battle between our instincts and intellect or the human condition, has begun. To quote Jeremy Griffith from Essay 30 above:

By the end of childhood, however, children realised that lashing out in exasperation at the imperfections, wrongness and injustice of the world didn’t change anything and that the only possible way to end their frustration was to understand why the world, and their own behaviour, was not ideal. It was at this point, which occurred around 12 years of age, that children underwent a dramatic change from being frustrated, protesting, demonstrative, loud extroverts into sobered, deeply thoughtful, quiet introverts, consumed with anxiety about the imperfections of life under the duress of the human condition. Indeed, it is in recognition of this very significant psychological transition from a relatively human-condition-free state to a very human-condition-aware state that we separate these stages into ‘Childhood’ and ‘Adolescence’, a shift even our schooling system marks by having children graduate from what is generally called primary school into secondary school.”

Thankfully now that we have the full liberating understanding that Jeremy has presented, the traumatic process of resignation can end and humans can grow up secure and sound managers of themselves and the world.

It was a fascinating evening. We have given these young people a lot of food for thought. Hopefully the seed has not fallen on too dry soil and we will see the fruits sprout sooner or later. The sowing has been done anyway.

Five children smiling with faces rested in hands

January 22

The Animal Condition

Some time ago I read in FREEDOM about the hardness of the animal condition. Animals are stuck with a natural urge or instinct to pass on their genes by creating an offspring that is as strong as possible. Because of this, there is a constant struggle between them to come out on top. Only a strong dominant hierarchy can suppress this struggle. The question is whether this is bad for these animals? If animals were conscious like humans, this would be dramatic for them. But animals are lucky to live mainly in the NOW. That means they can only follow their instincts in this moment.

This attitude also gives them the best feeling because that is how they pursue their goal as a species: to make the strongest genes survive to make the species better. They also serve all of nature with a sense of complete acceptance. For example, they know as a gazelle that occasionally one is picked away by a predator. The grass on the steppe accepts that it can be eaten by that gazelle. The minerals in the soil know that they are absorbed by the grass to continue the growing of the grass. The whole of nature is attuned to each other to feed each other as a whole to bloom and grow as a whole.

Now that we have understanding of the human condition which reconciles our instincts and intellect, we will at last be able to live in harmony with the world around us as other animals do. The moral loving instincts that have been at loggerheads with our intellect, will be fulfilled and we will be at peace. This IS possible and probable once we understand what the Human Condition is. And that is NOW.

We are the Earth! Happy 2022.

A group of bonobos at the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary, Democratic Republic of the Congo

November 21

Escape from the Animal Condition

Today we read with some people in Jeremy Griffiths’ book FREEDOM at the end of chapter 4 about the urge of everything to strive for integration through the Negative Entropy. Unicellular organisms become multicellular and plants and animals also want to evolve towards greater integration through their selective sexual reproduction.

Unfortunately, this means that the animals (and the plants) are sentenced to lifelong stress to watch over the survival of their genes. They have no real altruism. Everything they do should lead to more certainty about the continued existence of their genetic information. Their closest friends (often brothers or fathers) can instantly become their enemies in the battle for alpha position in the group. Within this state there can be no true selflessness. Further integration therefore stops here for the animals as it requires a completely opposite instinct.

Fortunately, nature has been able to take the next step by allowing one animal species to continue to evolve: manlike apes, our ancestors, were given the opportunity by nature to make it possible to cherish their offspring for a long time. Because of this, the offspring thought that getting love, food, protection, ... from someone else for free was the normal course of nature. In other words selfless love became the norm. And from this instinct, which we still carry with us, man came into being.

How wonderful that it is through selfless love (and that is the only true love) that man, with his good instinct, has been able to come into existence. Let us fully experience that love. That's possible now because the human condition was explained by Jeremy Griffith. And by taking in that explanation, you change into the original loving human being who selflessly chooses for the common good. Read the book and you will be amazed how beautiful your life and the world can be and already is.

Bonobo adults playing with nurturing their infants

Bonobos nurturing their infants

September 21

A free, loving world. We all dream of it. And yet we see a lot of pain around us that seemingly nothing is being done about. I remember my outrage when I was 12. I blamed my parents for not supporting the famine in Africa while our family was doing so well. My father then tried to explain to me that there was 'nothing to be done about it'. "We can't save the world," he said. We can save our world! If we begin to gain insight into our instinctive goodness, start living accordingly and see all our disturbedness gradually dissolving. "Change the world, start with yourself". Because of the insight that you get through Jeremy Griffiths’ book FREEDOM, this happens without much effort. You become a different person and start a new life with spontaneous care for everything and everyone. Human 2.0 or Homo Serviam? A new heaven on earth. It's possible. We just have to want it. The rest goes almost by itself. Will you join us?

Rising Sun with small girl in front

July 21

This week I came across a course of Anodea Judith. She talked about the beauty of the new world: shifting from “the love of power” to “the power of love”. You may say I’m a dreamer. But when I read her article it touched me. The decision to make our world a new paradise is so simple and completely in our own hands; we just have to want it. So to make ‘wanting it’ simple, we need to understand why we are living our lives so unloving. It is all explained so clearly in FREEDOM. Once we understand what the human condition is all about, it ceases to exist. By our understanding we can resolve our psychoses and live the loving, cooperative live we are meant to live. When you study the book, you’ll discover that ‘love’ is the force that makes all the difference. It is unconditional love, or lack of it, that made us who we are. And true love is always unconditional. The power of love is so fantastic. Anodea Judith said let’s go from self to service. Spot on. And in being of service to others, you will receive the biggest reward you can imagine: you will find your own heart fulfilled. In FREEDOM you can find the description and the explanation of why things are as they are and how you can make a choice for the Transformed way of living. Try it. You won’t be disappointed!

Key that fits lock in forehead of female

May 21

About Nurturing

Mother holding infant lovingly while smiling and gazing at them

This week I got into a conversation with my son about how to get his work life balance right. Many young people are faced with this challenge. In fact, it is often the challenge to determine what the real priorities are in your life. It got to the point of his contract with his employer. In fact, in our life we constantly enter into contracts between ourselves and our environment. In addition to our employer, we have a contract with our partner, with our children, with our parents, with our neighbours etc.

Of all these contracts, there is ultimately one contract that stands out above all others: the contract with our children. Every parent has a duty to be there fully for their children. And the younger your children, the more important it is for them to know that they can count on you.

A baby is born with the expectation of entering a world of loving care. How traumatic if not! The child gets to know his world and starts to blame himself for what deviates from his expectation. The lack of selfless love in his world is the world's fault and his parents incompetence not the child’s.

Let us choose to be loving to our children so that they can grow up to be strong, healthy, loving people who shape the world according to its purpose: an oasis of loving care for one another.

In Jeremy Griffith's Freedom we find the explanation of this logic and how to achieve it. But beware: reading the book will change your entire world view.